February 28, 2013 - submitted by Jordan, United States of America

Q. My nephew, Dalton, has been playing your music on the pianos since he was 8. He is a very talented musician cursed with an unfortunate home life. He is now 16 years old and wants to drop out of high school because he says "To have a backup plan is to expect failure." He wants to be a professional musician, which is great, but thinks he doesn't need school anymore. He refuses to listen to anyone giving him advice from our family because he doesn't respect his parents anymore or anyone else for that matter. I know he would be amazed if the Oracle (whoever it is run by) were to answer a question directly related to him even if this is the real band members replying. Any advice would be appreciated!

The Oracle replies:

I can't really tell him what to do. I can tell him that Chris, Will & Jonny decided to finish their studies despite being in a position where they didn't "have" to. I disagree with a back up plan being seen as failure because we are all susceptible to being affected by circumstances beyond our control. Making it as musician is harder than just being great too. I know many bands who deserved success but it didn't happen for one reason or another. They had to fins a plan b fairly quickly. Having something to fall back on is never a bad thing. An education can be picked up at a later date of course but I would advise anybody to get some qualifications when possible. No reason to give up music but many reasons not to give up school.