February 19, 2013 - submitted by Pat, United Kingdom

Q. I don't get what's the band doing now. And why is their MX tour so short. Can you explain why?

The Oracle replies:

I am getting asked a lot if the band are taking time off. They rarely take time off. It may seem that way because they're off the radar & not out and about performing but they are busy behind the scenes.
They're not in the full steam ahead mode just yet, but plans are being made and steps are being taken.
It's impossible to be on the road permanently (unless you're a DJ) but the MX tour was far from short.
They started performing live during the festival period of 2011 while still putting the final touches to the album. They went out on the road again around the release (October) and didn't finish until December 2012 so that's 18 months of performing live with the MX tour running for over a year of that.