February 14, 2013 - submitted by Sam, United States of America

Q. Greetings from Michigan!
I was wondering... do the boys ever find embarrassing photos (and such) of themselves on the internet and don't like it? Just like dorky photos where they're making weird faces (not anything more!)

The Oracle replies:

I think we all have photos of ourselves we cringe at.
I think you just have to laugh at old photos no matter how embarrassing they may feel now. There is a great example of a "funny" retrospective on this site. In one of the timeline videos from 1999 - Click the March TV icon - there is a picture and footage of Chris' hair. The photo has the caption "Hmm, nice hair" and while the band are looking back at it, they have a laugh over the comment. It shows a gig with the same big hair from that time that is rather similar to one of the Hair Bear Bunch!