February 6, 2013 - submitted by Elliott L, United Kingdom

Q. Oh, Mighty Oracle :)

I was wondering if Chris has been noticed when recording videos like Fix You when he was in the back alleys and The Scientist when he was walking down the high street. I'm sure there must be people who are Coldplay fans and would want to meet him if they saw him in the street. Thanks. PS Hey from UK.

The Oracle replies:

I'm intrigued by your "hey from the UK" - I'm in the UK too...
Anyway, to business.
Video shoots are normally a closed set so there's not generally people there who aren't meant to be if you know what I mean. People in videos are usually extras rather than random folk in the background too.
There are some occasions where that's not possible like the London Underground scenes in Paradise. Also Fix You as you mentioned, but that was shot at night and nobody was around.
The public are very respectful when filming is taking place and tend not to approach. Maybe they just feel it wouldn't be appropriate timing but who knows?
I do know that many people were so surprised to see Chris in an elephant suit that they didn't quite believe it was him!