February 5, 2013 - submitted by Amy, United Kingdom

Q. If you said there were 5th, 6th and 7th members of Coldplay as well then which 3 people would you say would be 5th, 6th and 7th?? Would it be someone already part of the crew or a well known friend?!
Just wondering as I would find it difficult to choose :)
Thank you!
Amy x

The Oracle replies:

The first person for position #6 would possibly be Simon Pegg simply for the reason that before Phil was referred to as the band's 5th member, Simon was often called that due to him performing with them a couple of times.
No, seriously I would find it difficult to choose. I think the band would as well to be honest.
There are so many people who have had / still have a valuable role with Coldplay. Some have been around for such a long time too. It's a really tricky hypothetical to get my head around.
If I was forced to pick (& this is my own view of course), I'm choosing Tim Crompton, Dan Green and Roadie #42 for having been there from the start and outstanding contribution - or something like that!