January 31, 2013 - submitted by Carolyn B, United States of America

Q. Oh wise Oracle, I have a question of etiquette to pose to you. My boyfriend and I are both HUGE Coldplay fans (saw the MX tour from the floor and will never ever forget it), so we would have the utmost confidence in whatever guidance you can provide. We are in the unusual situation of sharing the same birthday - February 2 - and while we both find this fact extremely amusing, as the first shared Birthday of our relationship nears, we are faced with a problem: who buys the birthday dinner? Should we just flip a coin, or do you have a more creative solution to offer?

The Oracle replies:

Following on from yesterday's coin flipping theme... heads or tails?
Why don't you just go Dutch?
If you split the bill equally it may feel rather unromantic so if you don't fancy that, how about you pay for his share and he pays for yours?