January 22, 2013 - submitted by AlexLines, United Kingdom

Q. Hey Oracle,

A while back I bought over 50 Viva chair headrests supposedly from the private Viva La Vida jet/plane. I was wondering whether you have any recollection of Viva headrests on the seats because it would be fun to find out if it was possible the boys really had napped against them?
Many thanks.

The Oracle replies:

I'm assuming you mean the single use disposable covers for headrests, rather than actual headrests. I don't recall seeing any Viva ones despite quite a bit of travelling with the band during that period. I do have one from the X&Y tour. It's made from a flimsy material and was attached by velcro.
The ones you bought will be unused and therefore I'm afraid the band will not have napped on them.