January 10, 2013 - submitted by Sanya, India

Q. Hello Oracle!
I was watching some videos of Coldplay and came across this funny one.
Does Chris write all his songs like this?

The Oracle replies:

Not exclusively, no. That was more in response to how to write a song but I guess it always starts with an idea. Sometimes lyrics just appear and seem to flow out. Sometimes the essence of the idea grows from inspiration and trying different things out.
You may notice that sometimes Chris comes up with an idea for a lyric in one song, only for it to end up in a completely different song. The line "poison in my blood" for example appears in both Wedding Bells & Christmas Lights which weren't written all that far apart.
That's why lyrics can contain repeated themes - as is quite common with Chris' songwriting: world turning upside down, keeping feet on the ground, the sun, webs...