January 9, 2013 - submitted by Louise, Australia

Q. Hi Oracle!
How do you become a volunteer for Coldplay? For eg. The people that hand out wristbands and what not.
Just wanted to know out of curiosity :)

The Oracle replies:

As far as I am aware, "we" don't have volunteers per se. There are obviously people who volunteer at the venues to activate and hand out Xylobands (as mentioned previously), but we don't source the volunteers. If you wanted to volunteer at the venue (whether for Xyloband duties or Oxfam*), you only get to see part of the show as there's a job to do so if you're thinking of doing it to see a free show or meet the band, it's probably best you know now that it's not part of the deal.
*You can find out more about becoming an Oxfam volunteer from the charity directly but there's nothing currently planned with us.