January 3, 2013 - submitted by Mike, United States of America

Q. I was looking through the pictures of Coldplay at the Palace of Auburn Hills and I noticed something: In the pictures, Danielle took one of Chris at the piano, and one from Lindsay A has Chris at a differently painted piano. Does he usually use two or is it somehow the same one?

The Oracle replies:

Carly A took a clearer shot of the same piano as in the photo by Lindsay A but as you noticed they are different to the photo taken by Danielle.
I'm guessing you didn't see the MX Tour? There were 3 stages: the main stage, the X stage and C stage. Carly & Lindsay's photo is of the X stage and Danielle's is of the main stage.
There has to be a keyboard/piano at each of these hence them being painted differently.
I'm more fascinated by the fact you didn't mention the different colour t-shirt Chris is wearing in those two photos...