December 21, 2012 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

What was your favourite music show of the year? It can be musical theatre, a show, a concert, a gig, on tv, on DVD, live etc…
And what was so magical about it?

The Oracle replies:

2012 had some incredible moments both musically and otherwise and many of those were Coldplay related for me. My musical highlight began in the Olympic Stadium (sitting next to Anchorman) hearing the familiar rhythm of Politik - yet an unfamiliar version. David Arnold got the perfect balance of energy and rousing with his adaptation. Truck Invasion as I believe it is called was based on my favourite Coldplay song, so listening to it build with 84,000 other people as the Festival of Fire began was simply incredible. My goosebumps were off the scale!
The Paralympics Closing Ceremony was without a doubt the most amazing event I have ever had the privilege to witness.
Over to you.

I'm Paula, from Argentina. I'm 15 years old and I'm a huge fan of Coldplay! Well, my favourite show of the year was Coldplay Live 2012.
As I didn't have the opportunity to attend to any show, I went to watch the movie to the cinema and it was totally amazing.. Seriously congratulations to everyone behind the Mylo Xyloto Tour! It is perfect!
What made it so magical were the Xylobands! I loved them! They were totally original. I have never seen anything like that.
I wishIi had the opportunity to watch a show with my own eyes..!
Keep on working like this... Coldplay Rocks!
Best wishes from Argentina! Merry Christmas an a Happy New Year!

My favourite Music Show for the Year Was about three of my favourites. First Coldplay in the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympic Games especially that our lovely Coldplay are very humble and nice and that’s what make them very special.
Second, Maher Zain, who has done a MAGNIFICENT show in the UK. By the way, he loves and respects Coldplay very much.
Third, Sami Yusuf, who's hometown is the UK. He has done a very GREAT Show in Katar, and has done a very beautiful music video about fighting hunger in Africa. Hasna.

This year I was able to see Coldplay for the second time in Atlanta. The show was amazing. Also, some friends and I were able to see Wolf Gang, Atlas Genius, and the Royal Concept in Washington D.C. It was great! Steven.

I haven't been to many musical performances this year. The Olympics were fun to watch, but I couldn't enjoy it because of the interruptions of the commentators. As my magical moment, I did see Coldplay in San Jose and yes, it's a typical choice since it's a Coldplay site. But there was nothing like it. The strobes, the Xylobands, the music; nothing can be compared to the unique setting and memories. For all of my musical experiences in 2012, the Mylo Xyloto tour has to be the most magical since it will always be burned into my memories.
Thanks for a great year! Danny S.

My favourite musical moment of this year, would of been when Coldplay Live 2012 was released. Coldplay means the world to me. I love Coldplay more than anything else in the whole world. To see something as amazing as this was just mind blowing. I sat in the 42oC Australian heat, with no fan or air conditioner just to watch it on a desktop. I would of done anything to see this movie, it means the world to me. It’s not just my favourite musical DVD but my favourite DVD in general. The day when it was released and the day I bought it, I was in tears I couldn't hold myself together. I was in the middle of a busy as shopping center and I just started crying because I bought it. When I was actually watching the movie, I can't even begin to describe how I felt, I was crying the whole time. Coldplay Live 2012 is my favourite DVD, it just leaves me speechless!!! I LOVE JONNY BUCKLAND SO FRICKEN MUCH! Grace.

Not to sound like a suck up, but I would definitely have to say my favorite show of the year was when I saw Coldplay on July 8th. It was my first concert and my favorite band and I knew it would be fantastic. I remember when I saw the band members walk on stage and how surreal it felt just to be in the same area as them, considering how I look up to them and love them so much. I had seen pictures and videos of the xylobands prior to the concert but when they first lit up when the band started to play, I couldn't breathe. Even though I was in a room filled with hundreds of people I felt like I was interconnected with everyone. I was finally getting to experience what I'd been hearing stories about for so long. I was hearing my favorite band perform the songs that changed my life in a place where I felt like I belonged with everyone else. That concert was something special. I don't think I will ever experience something as beautiful as when I saw the xylobands light up during Charlie Brown, or as calming as the band singing Us Against the World in the midst of the audience. Seeing Coldplay was not only my favorite music show of the year, but the greatest night of my life. I hope you enjoyed reading about my magical experience! Cheers! Liz.

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to see many bands live like Florence and The Machine, Alison Krauss and Union Station, even Buddy Guy and Johnny Winter. And while every performance was inspiring, only one concert really meant the most to me, when I got to see Coldplay live in June. The concert was the day before I was supposed to move away to college and all I could think about was how scared I was to be alone and away from everything I knew. But the moment the Xylobands flashed on during Charlie Brown and everyone around me began to dance, the fear melted away. In that precious moment I realized that the world was full of beautiful things just waiting to be uncovered and that there was nothing to be afraid of. The journey ahead of me was just a blank canvas waiting to be filled with life. The memory of that concert got me through my first weeks of college, and Coldplay’s music got me through any difficult times I went through. And for that I am truly grateful.
Have a wonderful holiday and an inspiring New Year,
Sincerely, Celina, Florida.

This past October, I had the pleasure of seeing Passion Pit live. Perhaps it was the amazing company I was in, or the excitement we felt as we stood, severely underdressed, in the freezing rain, waiting to get inside, or the fact that the band put on a phenomenal show, but that was undoubtedly the best night I've had all year.
Happy holidays!
Bradley H.

My favourite moment of 2012 was seeing the Coldplay Live 2012 DVD in the cinema as everyone there loved Coldplay and everyone seemed so happy. People were crying (out of happiness) and saying how much they loved Coldplay. It was Great! Katie.

Coldplay live 2012 was definitely my best ever seen concert! I displayed it to my friends and we all live now like in a dream, watching it every day! Thank you! The magic was the wristbands and also the band, the music and the voice! Regards, Dovile J.

Best show of 2012 ...can I fudge a bit? Go back to NYE and Coldplay on Austin city limits - loved every minute of it and sadly was not able to attend any live shows. That one was memorable it was spot on and I had great refreshments and company!! Cheers, Laurie.

I thought the performance of Sir Paul McCartney in the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony was amazing! He's a legend. Amel.

2012 was MX 2012, doubtless. First still skeptic about Xylobands and all those effects, thought it could be too much. Then at the show surprised the way everything fell into place! Went to a 2nd show, skeptic again: “Going to two shows of the same tour could be needless?” Not at all! Expectations were totally exceeded, wouldn’t want to miss hearing any song live again! Difficult to call any of the performances best or better, in the end it was the whole thing magic for itself, each. Instead of that I want to pick out this:
1. Once we were quite close to the stage, waiting for beginning, everybody was busy and noisy. Suddenly some people noticed (almost whispering) Coldplay walking to the stage. For a second the whole crowd in our section seemed to stop their breath while realizing this before applause arose. We could see the band waiting behind the screens at the side before going on stage. In November watching Live DVD, there is a description quite exactly about this moment. So we were very lucky to catch there something from our point of view!
2. Furthermore those amazing spillover effects: Leaving the stadium in a higher spirit (which continued for a while) maybe did not cause, but it really did move a change of sense and thinking with an influence on everyday life. Thank you Coldplay! Merry X-mas to everybody reading this * L.Q.

By default my favorite DVD/live performance has to be Live 2012 for the sole reason that I've never been to any of their concerts because of transportation issues. The DVD gave me a sense of what I missed and it makes me even sadder/more angry, but if you would like a more legitimate answer...I would say the Broadway show Newsies. It was my first ever Broadway show, Wicked would've been my first, but my choir class couldn't book it in time, so we settle for Newsies. I music was great and the actors were wonderful! One of them actually stayed and talked to us while we were waiting for our bus to arrive which was uncalled for but truly appreciated! I got a few autographs and it was a worth while trip. Happy Apocalyptic Holidays! Billy N.

Of course, seeing Coldplay perform at Key Arena in Seattle was phenomenal. After they played Us Against The World, the band ran down the aisle, and I was lucky enough to touch Chris and Guy as they ran by! That's right. Actual, real-life, physical contact! In addition, I purchased tickets to see Wicked. This is a musical about the story of the witches of Oz, which explains the events that led up to The Wizard of Oz. I took my mother to see it as a birthday gift, and she couldn't have been happier! Blake .

The Coldplay Verizon Center July 9 show. We splurged on VIP package. Typically, the show was phenomenal as all the ones we've been to have been. We also went on July 8. But the magic for me isn't the show itself, although I have the time of my life for a 46 year old married man, dancing, singing, laughing. It is what the boys and the shows do for my relationship with my wife. We have no children. Like many couples we have a lot going on with our lives. We don't always get the time together we need and want. But, when the Coldplay shows are announced, we do everything we can to get to a few. It is the magic of seeing my wife so excited in the morning the day of, watching her get her Coldplay shirts to pack, the fun we have talking about what they will play, watching each other be kids and loving it, laughing and smiling as Chris dances around, having the music touch us. It was being so close and really into the pulse of the show this time. It was looking over at my wife during Clocks and seeing her smile when Chris rocks back and forth at the piano (her favorite part of all). What I've read/ learned about them as men, I am sure they know what all this means. I know I'll never meet them personally so please tell them simply...thank you. Tim.

I have had a lot of great Coldplay moments, unfortunely not live yet... (staying hopeful, though) There were many great snippets I have found and loved.The "interesting" intro into The Scientist, Chris unplugging Will's guitar mid-performance and the birthday surprises during concert.
But though the apologises, The slight mishaps, the tears...
Even with all of these incredible moments, I will always remember going to see Live 2012 at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, November 13th. I came an hour early, even though there was no need. I silently sang each and ever song, word for word, even though I wasn't sure if I should, being a theater and no one else was really singing (besides a slightly loud lady in the back...) The interviews were fantastic, and I felt like was truely talking to them. I listened to all the credits, even the wierd chocolate button thing at the end (SOOO funny=), I drove home in my beat-up car slowly, and listened to the entire albumn. And to be honest, I didn't really get the song Up With The Birds until after the show, now I listen to it during all my night-drives and love it all the better. I will always remember that day.Thanks for another great year, MR. Oracle. Thanks Coldplay, hope to meet you guys one day and tell you in person how grateful I am and how amazing you guys are (on my bucket list!) Happy Christmas! J

My musical highlight of 2012 was probably singing George Michael's Faith in the band's dressing room in Hannover, with accompaniment from Jonny on guitar and Chris on handclaps. With it being the last show of the European stadium tour, there was a lovely end-of-term atmosphere backstage that day, and that was definitely a moment to cherish (even if the guitar playing and hand clapping were rather better than the singing). Anchorman.

Thanks to all those who replied to our end of year question.
See you in 2013!