December 6, 2012 - submitted by Jake, Australia

Q. HEY!!! Coldplay's first Sydney show was spectacular and absolutely outstanding! Quick question: I noticed that for songs like Paradise, Charlie Brown, In My Place, Major Minus - that Jonny wasn't using his 2 regular 'MX graffiti' guitars, instead he was using a sunburst tele. Do you know why?
Thanks! The whole Coldplay team are amazing!

The Oracle replies:

Thanks to Matt McGinn (Jonny's guitar tech) for this in depth response:
"Well, that one (which is called 'Sunny' - they've all got names) is Jonny's total favourite. He's had it about ten years and has played it on most of the albums and tours since Rush Of Blood - it's actually the one he's holding if you look at the band photo from that album cover. There's just something about the two of them that seems to click. It sounds amazing, for a start. And he's really happy when he's playing it, as you might have noticed.

I can't remember where he picked it up - maybe Chicago? - but, if you're interested, it's a '72 Thinline from about 1974. It's half hollow - so, semi-semi acoustic, I guess - and has a lot of really nice gouges in it from being thoroughly thwacked. All still original, as far as I know. I reckon it must've cost him about 2000 US dollars but God knows what it'd be worth now. You can get a pretty good Fender copy/reissue these days for a lot less, off the peg, that might turn out lovely after a few years of playing it. That's the thing, any old guitar can be amazing if you love it enough.

It - or should I say 'she', since, like ships, all guitars are girls - was sidelined for awhile and only used on 'Scientist' but then we got so soaked, boiled and frozen on the last European stadium run that all the other Tele's got in a total mess; impossible to tune, playing like old dogs etc. I decided to hand him Sunny out of desperation one night right before Fix You (I forget what town) and when he did the opening riff it was like a light coming on. He just looked round at me and we knew she had to come back for good.

Glad you liked the Sydney gig - so did I!"