December 6, 2012 - submitted by Olivia, Australia

Q. On the last leg of the Mylo Xyloto Australian 2012 tour - friends and I made a sign which read: Please Play Swallowed In The Sea.

Mr Martin himself looked at the sign, smiled and bowed his head to us. We were optimistic to hope the band would play it for us.

My question for you Oracle aswell as the crowd at the Brisbane performance - was it just the 5 of us at the front or did Chris sing one line of Swallowed in the Sea leading into their second to last song Fix You?

Please confirm this - we would love to know whether we had wishful thinking or if in fact Mr Martin was teasingly acknowledging our sign!

The Oracle replies:

I saw your sign on the panorama photo so there's no doubt the band will have. Even though it's extremely tricky to work out exactly what Chris is saying I can certainly hear what sounds like one particular part of Swallowed in the Sea. I'd say that yes, he did reference your sign. That sounds like a very Chris thing to do.