December 3, 2012 - submitted by Mary, United States of America

Q. Hey Oracle,
I was curious if the band's decision to add shows in NY for December had anything to do with the devastation hurricane Sandy caused? I don't know if it's just a coincidence but they released those dates shortly after the hurricane hit, and The Barclays center is 10 minutes from Rockaway Beach (my town) which was destroyed in it. Well I hope to hear back from you, thanks!

The Oracle replies:

No, we actually held off announcing the shows because of the devastation going on but those dates have been on the schedule for a while now.
Tour dates may sometimes only be announced a matter of weeks before they take place but they can be on the itinerary for up to a year (or longer) in advance.
Chris has just been added to the bill for a Sandy benefit concert.
The fundraiser takes place on 12/12/12.