November 26, 2012 - submitted by Ridho, Indonesia

Q. Dear Mighty Oracle,

I'm a huge fan of Coldplay, huge, HUGE fan and recently there was something bugging me. So, yesterday when I was searching Green Eyes lyric on Google and decided to open
And then when I looked at the section where there was Coldplay's other song, something really confused me.
There was a song titled Nobody Said It Was Easy, and I was instantly thinking "I never heard this song before", so I clicked it and then I was quite surprised when it's actually The Scientist lyric, but it showed Nobody Said it Was Easy.

So my question is: does Nobody Said It Was Easy an alias for The Scientist, or people just too dumb to knows the actual title from the wiki?

The Oracle replies:

You've answered it yourself in the final part of that last sentence. The Scientist was never known as an alias.
If you want to know the lyrics, why not use our Recordings section?
There are plenty of lyric sites on the web and some are really good (not 007 who do not, as they claim, do it better than bond - "nurse me your questions" - ridiculous!) but you can't get better than our official ones.