November 20, 2012 - submitted by Fabio, Italy

Q. Do the guys have at least one personal copy of all of their own CDs, EPs, singles, etc.? Are they all in good conditions?
For example, do they all have their copy of the Safety EP at home? And, in case, what is what they don't have? :)
Thanks, Fabio

The Oracle replies:

I'm pretty sure they won't all have Safety EP but I know there are a couple of cassettes knocking around..
The thing is, when you're in a band and making demos, you're not really thinking about keeping a copy back for posterity.
All their released material CDs are kept at their studio so no, they don't keep copies at home.
I have a very rare 7" at home and the creator of that vinyl doesn't have his own copy. I did consider giving him mine but then changed my mind...