November 19, 2012 - submitted by Sanaa, Australia

Q. Yesterday's Sydney concert was absolutely amazing! But I was just wonderding, why did Chris decide to sing Warning Sign when in one of his interviews he said never wanted anything to do with that song?
I'm not complaining it was so great hearing it!

The Oracle replies:

Warning Sign has been in the set (on and off) for months during the MX Tour. Like you, I was really pleased to hear it again.
I remember being so shocked and happy to hear it again in Nice.
I know Chris wasn't keen on the song being included on AROBTTH but as for not playing it live... the band do go through phases of liking vs. disliking songs and sometimes they rediscover songs and find a new love for it.
I'm sure we've all changed our opinions on things during our lives especially with the passing of time.
It just goes to show that even if it's reported in print or captured on video/audio it can always change.