November 16, 2012 - submitted by Aaron, United States of America

I was wondering what is your favorite word in relation to Coldplay? Rather, what word or words come to mind when you hear the word "Coldplay"?
Could I kindly ask you to write a poem about Coldplay using these words? Or if you chose a single word, how about using it as a title for the poem?
I want to see your writing skills.

The Oracle replies:

I really can't wait to read everyone else's including a special guest contributor.
So here we go...

House lights go down, Xylobands replace the dark
Blinking and flashing in time as fireworks spark
The show's off and running much like fuzzy man on the screens
Graffiti illuminates; yellows, pinks and greens
Confetti rains down, as does the rain
It doesn't dampen spirits, but "oh no, not again"
Bouncing balloons - when will they pop?
Airborne guitar - where will that drop?
Main stage followed by X and then C
Had too much booze, time for a pee
Two hours fly by, it's almost over
Last firework bursts like a supernova
Every teardrop means time for goodbye
Our tears are laughter, emotions are high
Lets say au revoir, until the next time
Oh & forgive me my friends for this crappy little rhyme!

Over to you!

Freefalling upward,
The refreshing air,
The reality in ears,
A smile in time,
The hope in change,
Without the trouble,
Without the sinking,
Is my world with thanks,
Freefalling upward.

by Aaron (the question asker).

Coldplay is Life, Armonia and Sinfonia;
A symphony of euphoria;
A harmony of insomnia;
A life of doubt;
Where there is not a word that decrypts joy.

by Caoi.

My Safe

My safe place to be
My darkness made seen
Protected by distance
Too sacred to share
Knowing someone cares
Voices freeing who I am
They got in my walls when nobody can
Part of me that was lost
Words are too little
My song is not enough
Found and given hope
I can be enough
Wounds allowed to hurt
Saving others from the pain
Reckless order
Heeded abandon
To me. For me.
The same.

by Carrie, Houston, TX.

In the dark, with no light
You hear the speed of sound
Everything ignites
And your feet don't touch the ground
The stars shine
And it feels like paradise
You felt lost
But they fixed you
Took you back the start
Where there is no hardest part.

by Zainab.

"Everytime she looks into my Green Eyes,
I know exactly where our hearts lie,
When I look into her eyes, I get Swallowed in the Sea,
I see a Warning Sign of the happiness that lies before me.
I dream of the days where we'll be Lovers in Japan,
and the prolonged period of time we spend in Amsterdam.
The Hardest Part is seeing what time will bring,
But I know we'll meet Death and all his Friends, hand in hand,
Sitting on our old Strawberry Swing."

by Not a poet, Bradley H.

Long Live Life

In seas of glowing Xylobands,
my head is held inside your hands.
I feel the spell, a rebel yell,
Living inside my head as well.
My heart was all encased in stone,
but lights will soon ignite my bones
and flowing, burning through my veins,
dispel the shadows and the rains.
You give me heart and find my soul,
the streets here are all paved with gold.
Now the stars in heaven align,
Without you it's a waste of time.

by Eric.


rather chilly than cold
chilling out, creeping in
soft words, and yet so bold
divine feeling, mortal sin

parachute to the soul
gentle pillow under my head
where I can scream or rest or both
and hear the words that rest unsaid

for these songs I know so well
are just like paradise, I’d say
I’d say they’re every single cell
that shivers when I hear them play.

by Diana, Brazil.


the words written and every note, gave me bright sparks of hope
thru pain and shame that made me ill, I didn't think id still be here

but it's almost magic, almost magic!
something has ignited

its almost magic, I'm ecstatic!
I could just be still

'cause right now, all I need is here
sound of magic thru my ears

I hear this and I'm just happy, it speaks my voice within
it tells you: jump and laugh and sing! (says ain't nothing wrong being you)
and chase after your dreams!

'cause it's almost magic, just like magic!
my heart would explode

it's almost magic, you wont believe it!
even rare than gold

'cause in this moment, all I need is here
sweeeeet sound of magic in my ears

by Sarah.


See your sounds
Hear your colors
I don’t tread the ground

Touch the untouchable
Watch the invisible
I may eat the cloud

25 on my tongue
Coldplay for a song
Do I feel it, proud.

by Jessy.

"TITLE" (Oracle, please put your idea of a good title). *Sorry - that's your job ;-) Oracle.
Look at the stars, running in circles;
down the corner of my street.
From the roof tops I remember
every river that I tried to cross.

Look how they shine, those christmas lights,
i could feel it all around.
That's what made me see
between the two trapezes

Look at the stars, don't you shiver;
it's such a perfect day.
come here, my star is fading,
I feel my time has come.

Look how they shine, up in the trees
upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand.
Tears stream down your face
lying underneath those stormy skies.

Through chaos as it swirls,
the lights go out and i can't be saved.

by Justin.

, v’s . (comma v’s full stop)
I decided to write a poem
With words that came to hand
About Coldplay and its albums
My all-time favourite band.

I found it rather difficult
My friends didn’t give two hoots
I need some help, I’m trying to find
A rhyming word for Parachutes

It was getting rather irritating
It was starting to do in my head
I couldn’t work out the significance of
A rush of Blood to the head

The next one would be easier
I didn’t really have to try
A verse it would be easy to find
To fit the next one X&Y

The band were getting older
They were setting their own trends
But what the hell was all this about
Viva la Vida and Death to their friends????

The poem it isn’t finished
One more album there is to go
It’ll never get done now they’re taking the p*ss
F*****g Mylo Xloto???

Don’t try to be smart with then next one
It’s starting to get on my t*ts
Please keep it simple don’t f**k about
Just call it your 1st Greatest Hits.

I will see you next Tuesday in Melbourne
My names Jim and I’ll be down the front
I’m genuinely going next Tuesday
Not just an acronym to use the word c**t

God bless, by Jim from Glasgow visiting Melbourne.

Like a hearing a new song for the first time or when a concert is about to start,
whenever I listen to Coldplay, it feels like Paradise in my heart.
The pure beauty of the lyrics makes me feel good,
as easily and wonderfully as only a Coldplay song could.
“Christmas Lights” fits well for winter, autumn, spring and summer,
another wonderful fact is that Coldplay has the coolest drummer.
Para, Para, Paradise is a place of wonder,
a place calm and serene, not surrounded by thunder.
Together the Coldplayers will glow in the dark,
a sight as pretty as flowers blooming in the park.
What I wish now, I wish for all of you:
A happy and great future where you keep doing what you do.

With love and gratitude, by Medina from Sweden.

The first line on the first page
It's you that I hold on to
Are you lost or incomplete
Deciphering the codes in you

Let's take a breath jump over the side
No reason or rhyme
The futures for discovering
Can anybody fly this thing

Give me time and give me space
Give me real don't give me fake
Where do we go to draw the line
For you I'd bleed myself dry

Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed
I never meant to do you harm
They spun a web for me
Nobody said it would be easy

Bones sinking like stones
Oh my star is fading
That's what I came here to say
I'll be around I'll be loving you always

So I wanna live in a wooden house
Buy this place and burn it down
I'll always look out for you
To the end of the last page.

by Jeff.


Many months ago
In a London studio
A band began to know
About a chap they called Mylo

So the seeds started to sow
For young master Xyloto
And the ideas would flow
Like the wine does in Bordeaux

Then it was time to go
Turn it all into a show
Three million helped it grow
As there in the dark, they'd glow.

by Anchorman

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