November 15, 2012 - submitted by Eliza, New Zealand

Q. Hi Oracle!
The concert on Saturday in Auckland was absolutely incredible! it was by far the best concert and best night of my life!! We camped out from 7am to get front row which we did! There was amazing video footage throughout the night, I am wondering how we could get this? There were alot of times that we came up on the screens and I would like to see it again!! Many thanks and cant wait for them to come back down under!!

The Oracle replies:

You can't actually get a copy because it wasn't recorded footage. It's live transmissions if you'll pardon the pun.
That live video feed is for the show only and not available beyond that.
When I watched Live 2012 I did think how amazing it must be for the fans to be immortalised on film forever but that's obviously not going to be possible for every single show.
It's still pretty cool to be on the screens at a gig I reckon.