November 12, 2012 - submitted by Dorothea , Austria

Q. Hello there, dear Oracle!

As the day of the Coldplay Live evening in theatres gets closer and closer... I am wondering what is in your opinion the best seat? Close to the screen - as in live experience "being closest to the band" OR a little bit more in the back area for having a good overview? :)
I already made a ticketreservation but now I am not sure if they are too close to the screen and i will change it...
Not an easy decision... maybe this sounds weird.. but it is! Thank you very much for your help! Have a nice one!

Greets from Austria, Dorothea

The Oracle replies:

Are we all excited? Yay! It's not a daft question because as you say, there are options and you'd think it may be the same choice you'd make for a live show.
Not the case for me. At a gig I want to be right at the front. At the cinema I like to be further back. Usually I'm a halfway back, aisle seat kind of watcher but for Live 2012, I was back row all the way!