November 12, 2012 - submitted by Fraser, United Kingdom

Q. On your first introduction to Oracle, you mentioned that you were good at soups. What would be your choice of soup to impress a lady coming round to your place for a first dinner date? I need something quick yet tasty. I'm thinking carrot and corriander? Any ideas?

The Oracle replies:

Ooh Frase, I'm not so sure about carrot & coriander dude. It's great but a pretty safe bet. I think you could show off a little more. How about a cheeky borscht (without vodka if you're under the age to legally drink booze)? It's easy but looks pretty impressive*. You can crumble feta cheese on top.
I like a nice Thai chicken or fish soup too. Also high on my list is red pepper, tomato & chilli and French onion soup is always a winner.

Make sure you check before a first date whether your guest is vegetarian or has any food allergies.

*This maybe too much information but you'll thank me for it. If you opt for anything with beetroot, DO NOT be alarmed if you notice that when you go to the loo, the colour of "stuff" is red. That's the food's effect so don't panic.