November 8, 2012 - submitted by Kristin, United Kingdom

Q. Hey Oracle!

I'm so excited that I can go see the live film, since I'm studying in London, but that night I'm supposed to go see Les Mis. Will the film only be played once that night? And if it is would skipping Les Mis be a bad choice?
Love Kristin

The Oracle replies:

The film is for one night only. Les Miserables is one of my all time favourite musicals - there's a new film of that coming out soon (I cannot wait).
Although you could always go to see Les Mis again on another night, I definitely wouldn't if I was going to lose the money paid for the tickets. If you find someone to go in your place, that wouldn't be as bad.
I have to say though, the film will be out on DVD a few days later so don't worry too much about not getting to the cinema. It'd be ace if you can but not the end of the world.