November 7, 2012 - submitted by Con, Australia

Q. Hello Oracle,
I was wondering, as the Melbourne concert (13.11.12) is at the very end of the Mylo Xyloto tour, if there was any chance we'd hear any Christmas Lights or the like? I mean it would be just about the closest the tour gets to Christmas time.

People have told me it's too early for Christmas music - but is it ever truly too early for Christmas?


The Oracle replies:

Is it ever too early for Christmas? In my book, anything before 24th December is too early. Ha ha.
Now the UK has had our last tradition before Christmas (5th November - Guy Fawkes night) we'll be hearing Christmas songs in-store any day now.
I have actually almost finished my Christmas shopping though and am more than happy to start drinking mulled wine.
Carols, trees, cards and decorations will all have to wait until the week before.
Anyway, Christmas Lights won't be making a November appearance. I'm pretty sure last December it only made it into two live shows' sets; Dingwalls and the Under 1 Roof charity gig.
*EDIT: Thanks Raphaele & Jasmin who inform me that Berlin also got to hear it last December.