November 13, 2008 - submitted by yukie, Japan

Q. Dear Oracle
I often read your questions and answers pleasantly.
I'm admire your polite answer.
If I checked the site of Glastonbury Fes where want to go again, the tickets have already been selling, but the line-up isn't showing up on the page. It's going to hold for four days! I'd like to see the dear artists.
Is Coldplay planing to join the Fes? I haven't been in there since 2000's. I watched Coldplay in 2000's on TV in the Pub where I used to work.
And the other question is that when Coldplay's coming to Japan next year, are they going to play other Japanese songs? If it's so, can we request some? Don't they have time?
I have some advice to them,
It's good to play bascket ball a interval of your concert more than table tennis!
Thank you for your patients.

The Oracle replies:

Hi Yukie, well the thing with Glastonbury is, they like to announce the line-up after they sell out. Last year they didn't sell their capacity so the acts were revealed. The boys obviously love Glasto but if they are or are not playing, we couldn't really say. I recall Chris mentioning that Jay Z was headlining before the festival had confirmed it so it's probably best to let the Eavis family let you know one way or another! Whoever end up playing it will no doubt be brilliant.