November 5, 2012 - submitted by Lulu, Australia

Q. Dear Oracle,
Can you help me? I don't know whether I should see Coldplay Live at the movies. I really want to go but the one day it is screening is before I see Coldplay when they come. I want the concert to be a "surprise" in a way but I really want to see it at the movies! EEEKK help me!

The Oracle replies:

I can see your dilemma.
The Live 2012 DVD is being previewed - as you know - for one night only in cinemas on 13th November.
The exact same film will be released on DVD on the 19th.
The band come to Australia 13th - 21st.

The only thing is, both are pretty much a once in a lifetime event.
If you go to a screening and the gig and watch the DVD, you're 3 out of 3 but you can always watch the DVD after the live show. It won't be the same as the gigantic cinema screen but I'd aim for 2 out of 3.
Yes, tempting as it is to see it on the big screen, I personally think I would wait to see it live.
That was a tough decision even for me and I've seen both!