October 15, 2012 - submitted by Shayla, Canada

Q. Heya Oracle,
I saw this video of Coldplay performing in Japan from 2008. I have two questions.
1 : What was Chris saying in the beginning of the video? I assume it was Japanese.
2 : In the video there was a clip of them playing violins and cellos. Do they really know how to play those instruments?
Thanks Oracle!

The Oracle replies:

1. I'm afraid I have no idea as I don't understand Japanese but yes, it was Japanese as he spoke quite a bit of it during that show (Summer Sonic, 2008).
2. They weren't actually playing the instruments in that clip but Will is our multi-instrumentalist.
He started playing the piano & violin when he was 8, guitar at 12 and finally drums at 21 - yes, really!