August 28, 2012 - submitted by Dona, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle :)

I was just wondering if the boys ever pick out their own MX clothes to wear on stage or on tv shows? Or does someone else (like Phil) tell them what to wear? Because I remember Chris saying that Phil tells them what to wear, etc. Is that true?

The Oracle replies:

It's not strictly true, no.
From the start of an album & tour's conception Phil is there during all the decision making so does have a say in the style and overall creative feel etc. of the outfits but it's very much a team effort.
They all choose their look together and have a hand in colours, designs and ideas - along with Phil and a designer.
They do discuss costumes - for want of a better word - for TV / award appearances.
When it comes to the shows, they have choices of what to wear within their travelling wardrobe so mix it up a bit.