July 12, 2012 - submitted by Hope, United Kingdom

Q. Hello Oracle!

I was wondering - at the Etihad concert, I was up and waiting ready at roughly 8am and I met a man who I shan't expose, but he had with him the old Chris Martin puppet and he asked to take picture with both the puppets and the fans who were there in the morning. He said he was going to send them into Coldplay.com for a blog of some kind. I just wondered - has/will anything happen with these pictures? And are the puppets likely to make a return any time soon - if only in the way that the person they belong to continues to send in pictures? It'd be great to have them back! Or substitutes, even!

Thank you!
Hope, UK

The Oracle replies:

Ha! You just did expose him! There's only one Chris Martin puppet and only one owner. He's lovely.
I think I have seen the photo actually but no, they're not being published - not via Coldplay.com anyway. The puppets have retired so it's best we leave them to enjoy their time off...