June 29, 2012 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

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I graduated from uni a year ago but I've had to take care of my disabled mother (not the greatest recent graduate story). I found out early this year she has terminal cancer and has about less than a year. I've tried getting support from friends but many of them don't understand what I must be going through and many have flat-out told me I've been too emotional. I'm starting to feel incredibly alone in this situation as I'm losing friends and any form of support (other than my family- but we're collectively having a hard time too). How do I get through these times? It's hard enough that I'm probably one of a handful of 22 year olds going through this. I have the strength sometimes but there are times I just can't help but feel more and more alone with no one to turn to. Marie, USA.

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The Oracle

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