April 11, 2012 - submitted by Vickie, Czech Republic

Q. Dear Oracle,
I love Coldplay's colorful video clips and I was wondering, how long does it take to create one like Every Teardrop is a Waterfall or Strawberry Swing? It seems really complicated with all the colors and I can imagine how time consuming it may be. I would also like to ask if there is/are some artist/s helping with those clips?
Thank you,
Vickie :)

The Oracle replies:

I'll start with the ones you mentioned, the actual filming of ETIAW took 2 days in London.
Even though both had significant live artwork taking place around the action, the Strawberry Swing video took much longer. Chris was only on set for one day of filming (after costume fittings etc. but there was a lot of prep. That video was also particularly difficult because of all the chalk drawings that were done and the frame by frame technique.

Videos can be very time consuming but the band don't always have a lot of time so their involvement would usually be 1-2 days depending on the schedule and of course what they are needed for. Behind the scenes however there is a lot of preparation and after the shoot, editing and whatnot. Sometimes a video is needed in a turnaround period of 2 weeks but the average process is around 6 weeks.

Videos like Fix You & Lost which both feature live footage usually only involve the band performing the song twice on a couple of nights and again, it's the other shots and editing that take longer to complete the final film.

The Scientist took a month to prepare (it was also the length of time it took for Chris to learn the lyrics backwards) and a further 2 weeks of work.

Yellow's video was a 12-hour day but took less than an hour to shoot - running through the song 5 times.

Each video will not only have band input but the director's who will also work with a team of people to get the look just right so yes, there are artists (in a broader sense of the word) involved.