March 21, 2012 - submitted by Eelco, Netherlands

Q. Best Oracle in the world,

Last year I saw Coldplay at the Pinkpop Festival, it was my first festival ever. I saw lots of people wearing weird and funny clothes.
I'll be going to Pinkpop again this year with some friends. My friends want to dress up funny, but I don't now why I should do it too.

Would you dress up funny for a festival?

Greets from Holland,

The Oracle replies:

Personally no, I wouldn't dress up at any festival - though I should point out that I generally love fancy dress. Bestival is a festival that encourages people to dress up on the Saturday and I know that the first day of T in the Park some people do attend in costume too.
I suggest you only do what YOU feel comfortable doing and that's not just my advice for dressing up for Pinkpop, but for life!