March 20, 2012 - submitted by Valentina, Denmark

Q. Dear Oracle,

I was listening to a live version of In My Place and I heard Chris say that Jonny actually wrote that song. I also remember Chris mentioning that Square One was written by Jonny jamming with Will. I was under the impression all melodies came from Chris and then were worked together by the band, but are there actually songs whose melody comes from someone other than Chris? And which other songs are Jonny's then? :)

The Oracle replies:

Chris comes up with the majority of the melodies but regardless the band often come up with individual parts, hooks, riffs, fills etc. Some songs do start as a jam and if someone has a great idea, it becomes the reason for continuing and forming a new song. Jonny did come up with the instantly recognisable guitar hook for In My Place. As far as I know, Square One comprises many different elements from the band and a riff from Matt McGinn.
I can't answer your question other than to say no other songs are Jonny's - they are all Coldplay's.