March 13, 2012 - submitted by John, United Kingdom

Q. This is a bit of a long shot, but I used to teach Jonathan Buckland in his last 2 years of Primary School. He was the goal keeper in our school football team and also - not surprisingly - had a star role in our school Christmas concert! The kids used to call me Mr D. I have two sons from my first marriage - they are both Coldplay fanatics! I am now re-married and have two step-daughters who think they are brill as well. Trouble is, they don't really believe me when I say I used to teach Jonny. Is there any way he would consider sending me an email to prove I'm not spinning them a yarn? Many thanks, John

The Oracle replies:

Nice little insight into the young Buckland there, thank you. Have you tried asking the school as they must have a photo of their football teams in the archives somewhere? Or even the Christmas concert...
I'm ever so sorry but I'm not sure I want to open the floodgates of validation requests.