March 1, 2012 - submitted by Anirudh, India

Q. Why did Chris Martin give a standing ovation to Maroon 5 in the Grammy's while no one stood?? Was Coldplay inspired by Maroon 5 when they were kids??

The Oracle replies:

Coldplay have actually been around longer; Maroon 5 have only been around since 2002 (in that incarnation) so it certainly isn't because of any childhood inspirations - Adam Levine is younger than Chris!
However, at the Grammys Maroon 5 performed with Foster the People (who Chris has said he loves) and The Beach Boys (who the band love) in a medley of Beach Boys songs to celebrate their 50th anniversary, I'd say that's the reason Chris - and Jonny - gave a standing ovation was to congratulate 50 years of The Beach Boys.