February 24, 2012 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

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I play bass and drums in my church and was one of the youth leaders. There was a main youth leader who was going to give me many chances, like to preach, organise stuff, etc. I had a great freedom and opportunities. However, some people arrived to the leadership who changed everything according to their will. They even changed the main leader and then my participation was obsolete. Now, in music, one of the persons who cut my wings has it against me. If I say something, that person contradicts me. I don't know if the other people notice that and some times in the past I spoke about it and people thought I was a rebel. What can I do? I really love my church and love playing music in it, but I don't want my wings to be cut anymore. Thanks for responding me. Martin, Costa Rica.

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The Oracle

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