February 15, 2012 - submitted by Lucy, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle

I just discovered Colplays's post on Facebook saying you can watch their grammy performance with Rihanna on Channel 4 and I missed it! I have been searching the web for it every since the Grammys because they don't show it over here, so where can I watch it?

Coldplayer Lucy :)

The Oracle replies:

Ah, you mean the tweet? I have definitely watched the Grammy Awards on TV in the U.K before - not live of course but usually very early hours at the weekend. As you know, you missed this year's highlights on Channel 4 last night. Unfortunately, it's not available on 4oD. If there are any repeats, we will let you know as and when we find out.
I'm afraid you can't watch Coldplay's performance on YouTube due to Grammy copyright. I did but that was not long after the event and videos have since been removed.
I will keep ears and eyes open for you as I am sure it will be available somewhere soon. Check TV listing too as you may have channels I don't that are showing them. (If anyone knows, i am sure they will let me know, so i may edit this entry).