December 30, 2011 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom


Pick one outstanding moment of 2011 and tell us why it meant so much to you.
It doesn't have to be Coldplay related...

The Oracle replies:

Part 2 following on from last week.
Although I asked the question, it was very tricky to pin 2011 down to one moment when there were so many! There were several Coldplay ones too - the family & friends gig at the Forum, iTunes festival at The Roundhouse and the recent Dingwalls show. I have decided to choose something amazing that happened during an experience that should have been the outstanding moment alone - but for several reasons wasn't.
I climbed a mountain for Trekstock charity and after walking for several days in adverse conditions we finally started our final ascent of the mountain one morning at 3 a.m. The moment that took my breath away was being over 4000m high and watching the moon rise just before sunrise. I can't explain how the moon looked but the sun illuminated it in such a way that it actually resembled an alien face before quickly dissipating. The rest of the scenery looked something like this. Anyway, regardless of my overall feelings about the trip, it was certainly an outstanding memory in one way or another and an achievement I can be proud of.
Over to you.

My outstanding moment of 2011 would have to be getting tickets to see Coldplay live in June, It's a dream come true for me, I love the music from the band so much and seeing them will make my life perfect, Coldplay have been my favorite band since I was very young and I know that seeing them live will make me appreciate their music so much more. Amber.

The First time I heard a Coldplay song was in 2009, a friend of mine (Ruben) let me hear Viva la Vida. I really liked this song, and I started listening more Coldplay songs. I fell in love with the music they make! Then, Coldplay announced that they would come to Holland with their Viva tour. Ruben told me he was going to buy tickets and asked me if I wanted to go with him. So, I asked my parents if I could go, but then I my parents told me that we would be on holiday that day, so I couldn't go. That was the worst news ever. Of course my holiday was amazing though. So, I decided to go to the next Coldplay concert in Holland. I waited 1.5 years, and then you came to Pinkpop festival. I remember the end of Politik, and Chris started playing the first notes of Viva. Finally I could see my favorite band live, and I discovered the magic of concerts (this was my first one). Two days ago I bought 4 tickets for the MX-tour, where you'll play Malieveld. I'll know already that the start of Paradise is going to be my moment for 2012. Greetings and love from Holland, Eelco.

My outstanding moment of 2011 took place on Friday December 9, at the O2 in London. That night, I saw my favourite band live for the first time. I couldn't really realize that I was about to see Coldplay until they started playing. Actually, to be completely honest, I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I was in the same arena as my favourite band. When you experience something as incredible and meaningful as I did, it gets hard not to think that it all was a dream. The flashing wristbands, the amazing performance by the guys, the wonderful music and the voices of thousands of fellow fans singing along cannot be described with words! When listening to their songs prior to the show, I had imagined what it would be like, how I would feel. But it was beyond everything I had thought it to be. It was SO much better. Why does that night mean so much to me? Because that night, my dream came true. The moment Chris started singing, I finally understood the meaning of the phrase "pinch me, I must be dreaming". That moment is one I will never forget. Medina.

My outstanding moment of the year 2011 was on August 1 when we sold our house and started a new life at a new place. This change helped me to handle my long lasting depression better. I work as a volunteer at an animal farm for about 1 1/2 years now and I love it. But I lived to far away to be there every day and to take the farm over some day. I always thought things will never change and my life is a waste of time until we made the decision that a change is needed. Thanks to my husband who tried to support me whenever he can. I am not where I want to be in my life, it takes time, but I took a huge step into the right direction. There are 3 other very important dates in 2011 which really mean a lot to me: Coldplay Pinkpop June 11, Coldplay Cologne December 15 and Coldplay Berlin December 21. To be able to join these concerts made my year complete! Renate from the Netherlands.

2011 was kinda hard on me, but one of the highlights of the year was definitely my graduation from College. Not very many people believed in me (not even myself), but I did it! Through sweat, and tears, sleepless nights of study, I handled just in time my 104 page thesis (about Romeo & Juliet, the Baz Luhrmann movie). And I had the congratulations of the Jury! I couldn't believe it. I spent the night with my mum and 2 close friends. To celebrate they bought me a card and wrote me a special note. I felt loved and very moved. Nothing can top that (except the Paris gig I went to a few days ago ahah). Clementine from France.

I went to the US summer of 2011. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to travel. When I was there, I experienced everything-first class. First grade gasoline. First rate roads and pavements. First class toilet papers. I thought to myself, back home in the Philippines, very few people are lucky enough to have uninterrupted supply of water. First-world countries should realize this, stop fighting, and stop complaining too much. The realization itself makes me proud of myself and of the people of the Philippines. Despite all, we all have the moxie to smile. So since I was fortunate enough to have seen and experienced good things, for my birthday this year, I pray and strive for humility and contentment. 'Till Kingdom Come, Death And All His Friends & now Don't Let It Break Your Heart all help me keep my head down and be content. To you Oracle, thank you for keeping us company all year. To the boys, thank you for the music and I love you from the bottom of my heart. Very good job on MX. Sincerely, Jochelle. Manila, Philippines.

As cheesy as it is, the best moment of 2011 was Sunday, 18/12. It was the Coldplay Concert at Antwerp. It was the second time I saw them live, the first one was also this year at Werchter, but this time was even better! This year hasn't been easy, but that night, the songs, the glowbands, the band, it was just all perfect and since a long time I felt really happy again. So thank you Coldplay for making such great music and making life a little bit easier! Jolien.

A high point of 2011 came when I got a clean bill of health after spending the night in the emergency room with a suspected heart attack. Strange chest pains had sent me to my physician who, after a dodgy EKG, immediately sent me by ambulance to the ER. After 20 hours of being poked, prodded, X-rayed, and hooked up to beeping machines, I was released no wiser about the source of the pain but with orders to return for a stress test the next day. I did great on the stress test, pronounced "very fit" by the doctor! So I was healthy but determined to never have that experience again. Inspired by a certain Mr. Martin and his own commitment to health, I started walking every day and eating clean, watching sugar, salt, and fat. As a result, I lost 10 pounds with zero effort and now feel wonderful. My good health allowed me to camp out in front of the stage all day at Chicago's Lollapalooza Festival so I could be up front and center for Coldplay - outlasting people who were one-third my age. What a great experience, and I'm anticipating many more Coldplay shows in my future! Jill.

In January I had the chance to visit South East Asia with a group from my university. We made a stop in Chiang Mai, Thailand where we had the opportunity to ride elephants. I was just awed by how absolutely beautiful and intelligent elephants are. They're trained from a young age by just one person and that person and the elephants become like father/daughter. Elephants are humungous creatures, but they have the grace of swan. After we visited the elephants, a friend and I were able to visit tigers. We got into the cage with them and took pictures. We held a baby tiger (about the size of a medium-sized dog) in our laps and even chased around a large tiger. I'm hard-pressed to think of any other experience in my life that can live up to holding a tiger in my lap. I'm from a small little town in the US so I don't think I'll ever be able to experience anything like that, anywhere near me. Here's to a great 2011. Many blessings in the New Year! Megan.

Oracle, for me the best moment of the year is splitted into several pieces because it didn't take place in a specific time but throughout the year. I'm really fond of languages, and I just feel really proud everytime I meet a new foreign person and they compliment me on my English because of my fluency and perfect American accent. I started learning in August 2007 (I was 14) and have always been good since the first second, but it got better and better every time I learned something new, and this year I could get to the point of being confused as an American person when in fact I'm Argentine and have spent all my life here. So now I feel really encouraged to experiment new languages and hugely grateful to God for being able to learn languages so easily. They're my passion. Caroline.

My one outstanding moment of this year has to be back in March when my mate saved my life that I tried to end. But it made realise there's more to life. We all have a past and no matter how hard or difficult are pasts were they still what makes us here now, yes it's hard work living but that's life and if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it. Chris.

It was 6 Oct. I had just gotten diagnosed in hospital with an incurable auto-immune disease and realized that the medication suppressing the symptoms were working well. This might sound bad, but it wasn't because I had been suffering the symptoms for a long time and just didn't know what was causing it. Finally knowing what was going on was a relief and getting pills that made life more endurable added up to that. As if this couldn't make me happy enough; at that time I had a huge crush on a colleague and that day on a social medium we chatted about a festival that same evening. I asked if he was planning to go there and he said he was and asked to exchange phone numbers to meet up there. I went there with friends and so did he, but when we met each other the others were leaving us alone because we clearly were only interested in each other. Hours of talking past and in the end we kissed. Now he's my boyfriend so I can also say the moment stretches from then until now. Kim.

Well, 2011 was a big year for me- I turned 40 and made the decision to enjoy life and everything it chooses to throw at me. So what has been hurled in my direction since I reached and metaphorically clambered over The Hill?
Well a Birthday Hawaiian BBQ with all friends and family thoughtfully schlepping down to Devon where me and hubby live, not only that but donning their respective garish garb of outlandish colours (almost to rival MX designs lol) and limboing and hulahula-ing into the night narrowly avoiding lei and garland strangulation or grass skirt chafing. (especially the guys!)
I was then jetted off to USA for the first time ever and whizzed around NYC and Vegas with aforementioned wonderful hubby and had a brill time even despite his white knuckle fear of flying. This fab year was rounded off by attendance at Coldplay's concert at MENA early December. I have never been to a Coldplay concert before or bought one of their albums but suffice to say guys you have put your spell on me. It was an amazing experience, especially the glowbands - just awesome. We have already booked tickets to see you in Nice for our wedding anniversary next year so a big thank you for letting us join your extended family of followers. Hayley.

This is perhaps going to seem extremely silly but nothing I have ever had the opportunity to do or accomplish ever came easy for me. I will spare the accomplishments of 2011 and rather deem a more simple, yet personally outstanding moment for me, the one most worthy of being remembered that which I was finally able to do after what was but a minor accomplishment on a list of goals I have set for myself. It's most important to me for two reasons. I have not ever had the opportunity to both be where I wanted to be and without any distraction, from anyone I know. It was short lived, but I took a trip, a little cruise to a little island, where I sat on the edge of a mountain, high above the sea, realizing beauty, breath, the purity and peace of mother nature. There is nothing more outstanding than the majesty of our planet. And this opportunity was indeed most important to me because as human beings made to dwell here, such is the time to experience her healing imperative for our souls. I appreciate this moment thus far perhaps more than any other I have known. Ga.

One of the things that I will remember about 2011 probably til the day I die, is that after almost 10 years of silence, I built up the courage to tell my family someone had sexually abused me when I was very young. It was very important to me because prior to that I would keep everything to myself. It still very much bothers me, but I don't feel as lonely.
Thanks for listening, Darem.

My outstanding moment had to be when I was invited to a national training camp for my sport. When I found out I ran around the house screaming for 15 minutes and I spent the rest of the day with the biggest grin on my face. I imagined what it was like, but I didn't think about it too much cos I didn't want to be disappointed. It was absolutely fantastic though, and I had the best fun. It was hard work but so rewarding. The most fun I had all year, the group of girls I was with all had such a positive attitude which was great to be around compared to the normal depressing mood everyone's in. It was just awesome and an amazing opportunity which definitely was the best moment all year. Mindy, Australia.

Visited my sis in Oz -huge expense & worth it for the reunion. Coldplay in Glasgow were superb, made a 40 yr old feel like a 14 yr old girl again! Thankyou Coldplay. Ali.

If I had to pick one 2011's Outstanding Moment it would be the Day my parents get back together (they broke up the year before). 2011 was a REALLY hard year for me and this was something which brought some happiness in my life again. The Paris Bercy's gig on December 14th 2011, was for me the cherry on the cake. This will ALWAYS stay the BEST Christmas present I've EVER had. Love from France, Delphine.

This past year I took a group of students through Senegal so that we could learn more about Islam in West Africa. When several of the students were hospitalized with a nasty stomach virus and others fell sick, we were unable to continue travelling. With last minutes' notice, the leader of a major Muslim brotherhood in Senegal took all 24 of us in to his home. He and his assistants fed us for two days. One of his students, in particular, came to our aid and made sure we had everything we could possibly need. When I thanked him, he took my hand in both of his and said, "No. Thank you, because you have enabled me to do this for you." For me, this is an outstanding moment of 2011 because it was an immense lesson in humanity and hospitality. It seems to be the essence of what most moral and religious paths seek to teach in this world. It might just be that thing that we humans should be all about, like the stuff that peace is made of. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a excellent, beatific new year. Susannah.

Filming the Paradise video in London in October. I was dressed up as a zookeeper (with Tim Crompton) chasing Chris in his elephant costume across Hampstead Heath. That video came out of a crisis to be one of the best things we've ever done. And it was a lot of fun to make. Phil Harvey. xxx

Well, from a Coldplay perspective, my highlight would definitely be witnessing the band return to the dressing room following their storming Glastonbury headline set. That show had been the focus of so much effort, planning and stress for so many months, with everyone aware that a performance of that significance, with a live TV and radio audience, really could have a big impact on the band's future (either positive or negative). When the show went as well as it so clearly did, the release of relief and joy was wonderful to behold. Often when the band leave the stage, the mood is one of calm elation. But that night, they celebrated in the dressing room like teammates who'd just won the World Cup. And right in the midst of the backslaps and bearhugs, the enormous, unseen crowd still in front of the empty Pyramid Stage struck up a rapturous, spine-tingling chorus of the Viva chant. It can be hard for bands - or the people who work with them - to know what the absolute pinnacles of their career will be until a long time after they've passed. But, even as it was happening, it was obvious that night that we were experiencing one of Coldplay's highest highs. Quite a moment. Anchorman.

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