December 23, 2011 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom


Pick one outstanding moment of 2011 and tell us why it meant so much to you.
It doesn't have to be Coldplay related...

The Oracle replies:

Although I asked the question, it was very tricky to pin 2011 down to one moment when there were so many! There were several Coldplay ones too - the family & friends gig at the Forum, iTunes festival at The Roundhouse and the recent Dingwalls show. I have decided to choose something amazing that happened during an experience that should have been the outstanding moment alone - but for several reasons wasn't.
I climbed a mountain for Trekstock charity and after walking for several days in adverse conditions we finally started our final ascent of the mountain one morning at 3 a.m. The moment that took my breath away was being over 4000m high and watching the moon rise just before sunrise. I can't explain how the moon looked but the sun illuminated it in such a way that it actually resembled an alien face before quickly dissipating. The rest of the scenery looked something like this. Anyway, regardless of my overall feelings about the trip, it was certainly an outstanding memory in one way or another and an achievement I can be proud of.
Over to you.

If I had to choose one moment, it would have to be the moment I got my first girlfriend. For 17 years, I have been bullied and abused at school, whether it be my hair, my weight or my social standing. I thought I would never find true happiness. I have felt useless and not worth the time or effort, and everything was spiraling towards depression. But then, I met a girl. And this girl has completely changed my life. I've always been a believer in karma, and I've been receiving so much bad karma recently, I thought that it would never change to good karma. But everything that's ever happened to me, she makes everything worthwhile. She is beautiful, thoughtful, her personality perfectly matches mine and we have so much in common. She is my perfect girl, and I never imagined that things would become this good. I would have chosen getting tickets to the 4th June Emirates gig was the best moment. But nothing can beat my beautiful girlfriend. And I don't think anything will for a long time. Lets hope for an even more amazing 2012! Paul.

Although, I predict, this will be said many many times, the most outstanding part of my 2011 honestly was watching Coldplay at Glastonbury.
It has been my dream to go for a very long time and although I didn't get there again in 2011, I was thrilled to know I would be entertained for an evening on television as our gods played the most incredible set of a band. It was outstanding for me because I've never experienced a feeling like the one I felt on the evening of the 25th June 2011 (I still remember the date). The screen on my TV isn't huge and I do not have surround sound but I watched and did not move for the full set. For the pure reasons that the performance of Glastonbury 2011 by Coldplay was magic. Happy Christmas. Jamie, United Kingdom.

For me, the most outstanding moment of 2011 was when I got my first 100% in school. It was for a history test, we were studying ancient Egypt (a subject that fascinates me) and I had studied so hard for that test. The day we got it back and I saw that I got gotten 100% was such an amazing moment for me because I don't excel at anything, and since 100% is a perfect grade, I felt great because I had finally achieved something that meant a lot to me. Grace.

I'm sure many people would say it, but my greatest moment was finally getting to see Coldplay at Music Midtown in Atlanta. I realized that most everyone around me was also a huge Coldplay fan as the Viva la Vida chant started up an hour before they even started playing. Lauren and I had brilliant places to stand, located right on the giant metal barricade down the middle of the crowd, and about 15 people back. I still live moments of the concert when I listen to certain live songs and whenever I look at the pictures I took. I've had plenty of wonderful moments throughout the year but seeing my favorite band and hearing my favorite songs - that just can't be topped. Ellie.

Each year at Thanksgiving, our family plays boardgames after dinner. At the end of this summer, my cousin and I decided we were going to make our own board game for the family to play. We started planning to make a Doctor Who Monopoly game. We used places and characters from the 11th Doctor episodes. Instead of money, we would use years, and for hotels we would have TARDISes. Our first draft was on a pizza box lid.
Then school started and I had to go back to college. We stuck to the plan though, and every Thursday we would meet to put a little more of the game together. The while family got involved- finding pieces to use, legos, cards, figures etc. The day before Thanksgiving, my cousin and I put the while thing together. I have to say, it looked amazing.
As an early holiday gift, we presented the game to the family on Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to play, knowing we had made it ourselves. We had a blast. It was truly outstanding!
It brought the family together and gave us something to look forward to during fall time. Allie S, USA

Wow this is so hard to pick just one as it's been a great eventful year in my life! I could say the day got engaged, but that's is a given really or the day we moved into our house together but I have one memory that tops all of these. My daughter graduated in June and we had a lovely and very busy day of ceremonies and photo sessions which culminated in a banquet and dance. That evening an announcement was made for a father/daughter dance (normally this would invite angst, awkwardness and tears as we are without a male figure in our life for some time but, my sweet Scot was there for us and I said "well you two, off you go" and followed camera in hand. As the strains of What a Wonderful World filled the room I clicked the camera through tears, and after the dance my sweet girl hugged me and said a heart felt "thank you". I realized that she was thanking me for much more and it meant the world to me, and to my sweet Scot who will be her stepfather. I wish you, Oracle, and everyone of your readers a lovely Christmas and the happiest of new years, take good care, Laurie.

This is going to sound very ridiculous but sadly enuff it's true. My life is not very exciting. It's very plain and simple really and most of the excitement comes from nothing extraordinary. Things were pretty normal for me until I made this fascinating discovery that everyone else in the world had already made. With music being such a big part of me this discovery was a big deal personally. Finding starfish and struggling butterflies in the salt and sand is one thing. Discovering Coldplay is... hard to describe. My life was really suddenly not the same anymore. I don't know where I've been. Under a rock maybe. So it would seem. I've been dancing and singing so much more than I had been for so long and I've even been able to start writing again. It was almost as if the music in me had stopped and here came Coldplay to bring it back and with the fulness. I know it ultimately comes from above but without the open vessels to send the message some might remain in the dark. Coldplay has helped to bring me back into the light. I am ever so grateful to be back to my old self again and maybe even upon the discovery of a brand new so much better self. Sending all my love always. Best wishes to you all! Happy Christmas! Kaz.

My best moment of 2011 was definitely Coldplay private concert in La Cigale. I felt so lucky to have won two tickets for this show! La Cigale is a very small place and I was at the second row, literally touching the scene since there was no gap between it and the crowd. When the band arrived, my heart was beating so fast, I thought it would explode! I could see every expression on their faces. Just pure happiness. It was a such special night for me and I'll never forget it.Because I saw my favorite band in the best conditions ever but also because it made me change my state of mind. I was quite a pessimistic person, always seeing the negative things in my life instead of the good ones. But I felt so lucky to win those tickets and to have the privilege to see my favorite band so close that since then I'm more optimistic. It makes me realise that good things can happen to me and that I have no right to complain.
And every time I have dark thoughts, I just have to think about this gig and I'm feeling better. So, yes, I can say that Coldplay has literally changed my life! Justine.

For me, it has to be seeing Coldplay live at Glastonbury. It was my first major music festival, and I wasn't sure what to expect, especially after getting tickets on the second resale. Seeing Coldplay singing Charlie Brown and ETIAW was inspiring - I'm now writing choir arrangements for Up In Flames and Don't Let It Break Your Heart for my school. But that moment of sheer jubilation was unforgettable. Lucas.

My best moment, well, event, of 2011 has to be (apart from seeing Coldplay live and the release of MX) getting my exam results. Probably not the most interesting thing I know, but it was an incredible, ecstatic feeling to see those grades on paper knowing all my hard work had paid off. From Craig, Scotland.

Filming the Paradise video in London in October. I was dressed up as a zookeeper (with Tim Crompton) chasing Chris in his elephant costume across Hampstead Heath. That video came out of a crisis to be one of the best things we've ever done. And it was a lot of fun to make. Phil Harvey. xxx

The best thing that happen to me this year is that I got my very first kiss from my boyfriend! McKenna.

Hands down the best day of 2011, for me, was September, 24. I went to Music Midtown, in Atlanta, GA, and I got to see Coldplay! It was such a special day because Coldplay are my all-time favorite band. The day was even more special because I went with my Dad, and I rarely get to see him because we live so far apart. It was a wonderful bonding experience, and he is so great! He stood in front of the stage with me for 6 hours, without a break, so that I could see the band up close (he's 60 years old and I'm 31). We couldn't believe how close we got to the stage, and it was magical (especially when the giant balloons were released during Lost!) We both had a blast! I will treasure that day, always, and I smile every time I think about it! It was the perfect day! Jennifer.

9 months ago, still in my twenties, I collapsed on an aeroplane with what transpired to be heart & neurological problems; I was moments away from death. Hours earlier, that same day, I met the love of my life, a continent away, many years my senior. A seemingly impossible love, but he transpired to give me the strength & hope I needed to face my unspoken fears, rehabilitation & more near-fatal collapses.
A month ago, he left. He had kept from me that he is battling a progressive terminal illness of his own & decided to leave to spare me his inevitable demise, knowing the scale of my own suffering.
For the first time in my life I thought I would never be able to feel again.
I have always found catharsis & escapism in music, with that in mind, I forced myself to the O2 on December 9th. It astounds me that something as simple & raw as music could revive a spark of joy & happiness I thought I had lost, even if it is for a few hours. It means something much more profound: I'm not beaten yet. I still have fight left in me and the capacity to feel, even if it's a few heartbeats of joy and all at a Coldplay concert!
I wonder if the guys realise their profundity? Thanks guys, Elisa J.

In the beginning of February 2011 I met he who would end up being the love of my life. On April 8th 2011 we began dating, and to this day 8+ months later we dream about and long for the day we can finally achieve our dreams together. You see, he is from New Brunswick, Canada, and I am from Ohio, USA. Some 1200 miles apart means lots of plans we have made and saving done on both ends, but come the summer of 2012 we will finally be at each other's side indefinitely. I am grateful that 2011 was the year I was finally given someone to call my own.
Jessica, Ohio USA

After several long years, I finally got my chance to see Coldplay Live at the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta! We made a special trip down there to see it and everything, and not to mention that we met some extremely nice people down there at the festival! Best day of my life so far, that's for sure! Steven.

One of the most astounding moments I have had in 2011 was when I met my best friend.
This moment means a lot to me personally and emotionally because being a person who finds it very hard to relate to others I have managed to overcome that slightly and have a real connection as a friend with somebody I can trust, we both share so many common interests, in fact we are both Bronies (if you don't know what that is, it's a male fan who watches My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) and absolutely adore Coldplay's music, which means a lot to us both personally.
Thank you for taking the time to read this Mr. Oracle Sir. Sincerely, Marcel

Hey, I'm Nicolas, from France, and I'd like to share with you my most amazing moment of 2011 (which by the way was during a Coldplay gig). It was actually December 14th, after a big wait in the cold, outside Bercy, and a wonderful concert, inside. All the day, I had an amazing time, and I think I made a point doing all that was possible for me to make it unforgettable. Anyway, my most amazing moment was at the very end of the concert, where I met the apogee of the pleasure I could take in one's concert, when the members of the group went on and saluted me and two of my friends for being dressed as Paradise's Elephant.

The best moment of 2011 was October 24th when Mylo Xyloto came out. I honestly do not see what could be better in a 12 year olds life other than listening to Coldplay! Mylo Xyloto was absolutely ah-mazing! I had to get out of school somehow so I could get it. I had to sit there and wait next to the display for the guy who was working there to put them out. I love Coldplay more than anything they are my life. Viva La Coldplay. Katelyn

My Greatest Moment of 2011 was the day I went to see Coldplay! It was in Day 1 of Lollapalooza and I went with my dad. We were waiting since 7 AM to see these guys and it was my first time seeing them! It was worth the wait the moment that they played MX! I loved it! i sang along with all the songs and I had a good time with my dad. That will be one day I'll never forget and hopefully Coldplay will still be around and my kids will be able to enjoy Coldplay! Eddie.

My best moment of the year was the Coldplay Glasgow concert on December 3rd, not only because it was my first Coldplay concert, but mainly because it was a gift to the person that I love and it needed a bit of preparation. You see, I live in Italy and the news that Coldplay were embarking on an arena tour came just the week before his birthday, so I scanned the dates and Glasgow came in a Saturday. I got the tickets, booked return flights from Milan to Edinburgh, the bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow and the hotel near the SECC. I presented him a ticket on his birthday and he was so over the moon! At the concert everything was amazing, but the best part was him telling me: "It was the best gift that anyone has ever given me" even after 10 years of being together if felt awesome.
Alessandra, Turin

Gee, it's been a good year for me, from playing the Phantom in a rather successful production of the Phantom of the Opera in March, to seeing Arcade Fire at the New Orleans Jazz festival in May which was utterly magical, to realizing I was in love with a girl, last week. But, without trying to sound like a corny fool, I know throughout the year, I would check Coldplay's website each week, to see if my answer was chosen for the Team Oracle question. I've answered various questions, and it might not seem like a big deal, but it means a lot to me, that I have a chance to help someone who's in need of advice, regardless of location, or appearance. It's become a bit of a hobby of mine, and I plan to continue sending in my answers, and getting all giddy when I get to my computer on Fridays. So, if any of you read this, I encourage you to send in your answers, I was extremely skeptical about it at first, and here I am in the same position almost a year later, minus the skepticism. So, I think I speak for a lot of people, when I say, "Thank you, Oracle!"
Happy Holidays everyone, Bradley H.

Getting out of my car at the one spot on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland that I would have missed if it weren't for the HUGE standing stone, knowing this was the place I had been looking for during my one month Irish holiday (long way away from Alaska and a much needed vacation). It meant so much because this place felt sacred, ancient and was so stunning; and walking along this spot (Clogher Head). I felt connected and completely accepted for being just me. Melissa.

My most outstanding moment definitely was when my mom announced something very special to me. And no, she's not pregnant. I've been hinting at my mom for more than 4 years now that I'm in desperate need to go to a Coldplay concert, I've been listening to them since I was 8 (that was 8 years ago) and they're my absolute favorite band. Since I live in Egypt, I haven't been able to attend any concerts. But then one day she came up to me and said (her exact words): "I can take a hint, Laila. I bought you tickets for the New Year's eve concert in Dubai." Of course, you can imagine my excitement. And I think "excitement" is an understatement. One day I was listening to Coldplay from my room, the next day I'm attending the most important event ever. Words cannot describe how excited I am. This is a moment I could never forget. But my most outstanding has to be the moment Coldplay take the stage. I'm in tears already just thinking of it. What a great way to start 2012. Laila.

Well, from a Coldplay perspective, my highlight would definitely be witnessing the band return to the dressing room following their storming Glastonbury headline set. That show had been the focus of so much effort, planning and stress for so many months, with everyone aware that a performance of that significance, with a live TV and radio audience, really could have a big impact on the band's future (either positive or negative). When the show went as well as it so clearly did, the release of relief and joy was wonderful to behold. Often when the band leave the stage, the mood is one of calm elation. But that night, they celebrated in the dressing room like teammates who'd just won the World Cup. And right in the midst of the backslaps and bearhugs, the enormous, unseen crowd still in front of the empty Pyramid Stage struck up a rapturous, spine-tingling chorus of the Viva chant. It can be hard for bands - or the people who work with them - to know what the absolute pinnacles of their career will be until a long time after they've passed. But, even as it was happening, it was obvious that night that we were experiencing one of Coldplay's highest highs. Quite a moment. Anchorman.

There was an overwhelming response to this question and it was fascinating to read some of your moments. Thanks to all who shared, check back next Friday 30th December to read more. Merry Christmas!