October 20, 2011 - submitted by France, Canada

Q. Hi Oracle,

I saw the Paradise video and it made my day. And what a day it was...
Can you share a funny story about the shoot? I am sure that there is one... an elephant does not blend well in our busy cities.

The Oracle replies:

As it was filmed in different locations it was pieced together over quite a time.
The South African outdoor shots were filmed on 7th October and the live performance was the following night at the Johannesburg gig.
The week after when they got back to London, Chris shot the underground scenes. I do have a funny story (well, I think it's funny) from that day.
On 11th October, Shaun Weston (from Bristol) wrote on twitter, "I rode a Charing Cross escalator with Chris Martin today. He was dressed as an elephant. Anyone else see him, or was I dreaming?"

I know a few people saw Chris that day and it did surprise a few fans.