October 18, 2011 - submitted by Adam, United States of America

Q. Gracious Oracle,
I have long awaited Mylo Xyloto's release and I can't wait till next Monday. I am looking forward to getting the album, finding a nice place to sit, and listening through the whole thing as I have with the other albums. However iTunes is streaming one song a day till its release and it is very tempting to listen to. Should I listen to the songs each day or should I wait for Monday to enjoy it and all its splendor. Thanks so much.

The Oracle replies:

Oh that's such a tricky question! I am very old school so personally like to wait to hear an album in its entirety but here we are in the day & age where we can listen to one song per day. I can't help you!
There are different ways to introduce new music, yesterday Tom Waits' label (ANTI) sent out invitations to listen early ahead of his album's release next week. You could legally share it with a personal code for up to 5 friends. How could one resist? Legal AND invited!