October 6, 2011 - submitted by Kawrem, Australia

Q. What is Coldplay deciding to do in regards to a live setting for their duet songs (Lhuna and Princess Of China)? I understand that they are waiting to play Princess of China until Rhianna's voice can be heard on it, but does this mean that they'll only ever play it if Rhianna is on the stage with them? These are two of my favorite Coldplay songs ever, so I am wondering if we (the fans) are going to get to hear either of these songs played live regularly, if at all?

Cheers from Australia!

The Oracle replies:

Lhuna is not likely to be played live now. It wasn't actually on a Coldplay release and don't think it ever has been performed live.
PoC may get an airing again once the album is out. Chris has shown he can tackle both vocal parts live so there's no reason not to. I'm hoping it makes an appearance again after 24th October as I personally loved listening to that played live at the start of the festival dates.