April 12, 2011 - submitted by Lu, Chile

Q. Hi Oracle! here's another "meaning question".
In the 2005 Storytellers Coldplay show, Will uses a phrase when he talks about Clocks, (that at first he didn't like)... what's that idiom? I think it's something related to the word "hat"... what's the meaning of that expression?
Please answer this cause it's a bit difficult to get those phrases.
Thanks so very much!!!

The Oracle replies:

In this case the idiom was "if Clocks is a hit I'll eat my hat".
The phrase means that you don't think something could happen SO much that you're prepared to do something insanely ridiculous if "it" actually happens. So strong is their belief that "it" will never happen they feel safe to say it as they're also implying they won't need to.

Let me put the phrase into another context. You know when Stevie asked me the other day how likely was it for unreleased songs Famous Old Painters and Don Quixote to be on the fifth album? Well, I'll eat my hat if they are!

(p.s Will wasn't keen on the song but I'm pretty sure it wasn't him who actually said those words).