March 16, 2011 - submitted by Pedro, Argentina

Q. Hi O! I know you may have asked this before, but I would like to know how was Yellow clip made? How is it possible that in a few minutes the sky turned into a light blue and Chris didn't let footprints on the sand?!

Sorry if it's a repeated question but it's burning my head! Thank you!

PS: I can't wait for the new album!

The Oracle replies:

I have been asked about the video for Yellow before but was shocked to discover from the tag cloud that I haven't answered one since February 2009 - apparently.
Anyway, films/videos/photographs etc. can feature special effects used during shooting or they can be digitally enhanced afterward (removing footprints if necessary though I can see plenty).
In the case of Yellow, after the film was processed it went through another process called gradual grade that gave the impression of the day changing.