March 2, 2011 - submitted by Henriette, Denmark

Q. Dear Oracle!
Happy birthday to Chris today! Is it a working birthday for Chris? If so are you planning any surprises for him today? Maybe someone have baked him a double chocolate cake?? :-) I know he would enjoy that!
I wish him all the best for his birthday - will you say hi to him from me? Thanks!!
Have a great day dear Oracle.

Love, Henriette

The Oracle replies:

If you remember, last year Coldplay performed in Brazil on his birthday and this year is no different in terms of it's a working day for Chris. The guys don't tend to take a day off for a birthday.
It won't spoil any surprise as everyone at the studio who has a birthday gets a cake and all congregate together for a piece. Sadly I shan't be there in body, only in spirit.
Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes by the way. It's much appreciated.