December 24, 2010 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom

"If you were to bring back one musical artist/band that has passed away, who would it be and why?
I have to say it'd be a treat to have John Lennon back. Kaley"

The Oracle replies:

I'm going to stick with my original thought from when I first received the question - Jeff Buckley. The reason is because many years ago I was making what was usually a 20 minute journey from work to home but as it was snowing heavily, that journey took 3 hours. I didn't get to see Jeff's gig that night and therefore I'd love the chance to see him perform. I could say this for so many creative inspirations but he was gone too soon. Over to you:

If I had an opportunity to bring back one musical artist, it would be Keith Moon. The best drummer I have ever heard. The word that could describe his personality would be: cool. He was an amazing, easy-going and funny guy and what is most important a great artist. He had this sense of music that is hard to describe.
Monika, Poland.

If I could bring back a person it would be the great Freddie Mercury. He was an artist, a showman & we saw that the music came from the gut. He had an incredible voice and attitude. I was only 12 when he died and I started listening to Queen. I loved listening to them and I wanted to have the pleasure of seeing them on stage to be able to share this show with thousands of people.
Stephanie, France.

Tim and Jeff Buckley met untimely deaths. Their music is deep, moody, and very moving. What they left behind will always be treasured. MM

I would bring back Ray Charles. He had so much soul, something that lacks in a lot of music today (but not Coldplay!). Caitlin.

Bring back Captain Beefheart - although very recently passed, I know I'll miss my dad's references to his music. And who else these days is cool enough to take on a moniker like that?
Luisa, USA

I would bring back Tupac Shakur. So much evolution he was making inside that he would probably transform his angry in something good outside and really help his cause. Victor.

I'm gonna go with Bo Diddley, he is one of the most under-rated founders of rock music, and he bridged a gap between rock & blues music. I would love to see him recognized more in modern culture.
I live in his hometown, a small city in southern Mississippi, and the only thing commemorating him is a picture in a stereotypical American chain restaurant.

I think we can all agree here... Elvis ~ thank you very muuuuch. Joshua.

I'd like Jim Croce to still be among us. He had a nice, warm, gravelly voice, an everyman energy. Lisa

Lennon aside, as an obvious choice, I'd say Stevie Ray Vaughn; If you'd ever the fortune to see him play, you definitely know why. Racer X.

The person I would most like to bring back would be Buddy Holly.
My reason, he started it all for rock and roll! A voice and musical genius that was silenced far too soon!
Joanne, Canada.

Jimi Hendrix. Just to see and hear for myself what's possible with a guitar. Phil Harvey.

Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. He had a short but brilliant artistic life. Then, after he died, his ex-bandmates became New Order, one of my favourite acts of all-time. I'd love to know what music they'd have made if Curtis had stayed alive and they'd all gone forward together. Anchorman.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their thoughts. If you're interested the most missed person of our contributors is Freddie Mercury closely followed by John Lennon.

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