December 17, 2010 - submitted by Elle, United Kingdom

"How do you know you are doing what you're meant to be doing? Or how do you know that you are where you're supposed to be?"

The Oracle replies:

A very profound question from Elle this week that had me looking back to when I first discovered the answer for myself.
I could give the most simple of answers - "you just do" - but thought it may help if I tell you how I know.
I once had a good job that I enjoyed but it didn't fulfill me so I left to follow a dream. After many years of pursuing that dream (and getting somewhere) I realized that it wasn't truly what I was meant to be doing; there were factors that seemed stacked against my succeeding. I changed direction and tried out new things until I finally arrived in a place better than complacency; contentment. The fact that I now go to sleep at night and wake up each morning feeling happy with my life and the decisions I made is telling me I am doing what I'm meant to and am where I should be. Above all that though, I also know that if at any time that position changes, I can do something about it.
Over to you...

One of life's largest blessings is the fact that life is unpredictable and confusing. If we didn't question where we are in life and our life's purpose, we wouldn't strive to make it better. That being said, I've always looked at my life like this: Am I happy? If I am, then I'm doing something right. If I'm not, then I try to decide if, where I am, I can become happy later. If the answer is yes, then I stick with it for a while. If it's a no, I try something else. Life wouldn't be so precious if we weren't supposed to be happy with our decisions and lives. So try to decide whether you are or could potentially be happy with who you are and where you are. Good luck. :) Erin

To be absolutely honest you can never be 100% sure if what you're doing is "right". However, you have to trust yourself on this one. Go with your "gut feeling" and it may help to stop and evaluate your surroundings, actions and the actions of others. No matter what you do there is always a consequence (this could be good or bad), but you just have to look at what these consequences might be and choose the best way to go. If there is something that you want to do then I advise you do it, as long as you're not doing it half-heartedly. There may be times when you just don't know what to do. In this sort of situation you may have to take a risk and there's a high chance that it won't go well. But even if it doesn't that doesn't mean that all is lost. When this happens you just have to pick yourself back up and keep on going or even start again because you know what, it probably will get better in the long run and it might not be as big of a deal as it you think it is.
Em, Australia

I do believe that there is a time when you do realize that you are doing what you are meant to do. You will just know. You will love what you do and do it without second guessing yourself. However, for some people, it may take a long time for you to realize where you are to be and what you are to be doing. Life is a never ending process of learning a self-discovery. That is one of the wonderful things about it. You may feel at one point in your life that you are doing what you were meant to be or where you are meant but as you grow emotionally as well as mentally you may need to move on from that point in your life. Enjoy the moment.
Kathy, USA

I believe you know whether you're doing what you're meant to be doing or supposed to be doing when you recognize that you are choosing it. Once you acknowledge that, you acknowledge you then have the power to keep choosing it, or to choose something else; your desire to do one or the other will indicate whether or not you are where you are meant to be on your path of life.
Good luck!
Aurelle, USA

You know you are doing what you are meant to be doing :
- when you realize that doing that "thing" is becoming your lifestyle and you are never getting fed up from doing it.
- when you always find time for practicing it and make excuses to people for overdoing it.
- when you identify yourself with that "thing".
- when you never let any obstacle hinder or stop you from continuing to do that "thing".
Best Regards. Dima, Lebanon

In general what works for me is what I call my "Reality Check". Asking myself on a regular basis "Am I a happy person?" I don't mean the ecstatic, over the moon kind of happy, but am I satisfied with what I am doing, the places I go to and most important the people I am with. Do they still inspire me, do I still inspire them?
What happened to my wishes, longings and plans? Am I still working on them? Is that leading somewhere or do I need to put in more effort? Or are they no longer important or realistic?
If the answers to those questions give me an overall good feeling, I know I am on the right track. If there are doubts I have to figure out what I can do to change that. And if I can't change it: accept this and stop complaining or take a new direction.
Hope I helped a little, love from Mar, the Netherlands

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