December 15, 2010 - submitted by Gretchen, United States of America

Q. Hello, Oracle!

I have two questions: 1) Is Oxford Street a real street and if so can you tell us about it and why someone would 'take their feet' there if they were feeling troubled? And 2) Are you tired of answering questions about Christmas Lights yet?!

I suppose that was technically 3 questions, so forgive me for that! ;)

Merry early Christmas, Oracle!


The Oracle replies:

Oxford Street is most likely the busiest shopping street in London and home to many large chains and department stores. It's pretty famous for its Christmas displays in shop windows and the lights that adorn the street. It's not necessarily somewhere you'd take your troubled self, in fact it's probably best avoided unless you want to be jostled around a fair bit - it's insanely populated most days let alone during the run up to Christmas. It can be synonymous with Christmas and I always see the lyric as referring to where one would have once gone to buy your loved one a gift.
I'm actually enjoying answering questions about the song Gretchen and there's plenty more in the Oracle's bank...