December 13, 2010 - submitted by Chris, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle, I was listening to the interview that Chris and Jonny gave on XFM. Chris was being very mysterious about the new album, BUT I do remember him joking about February 9th as a release date for Christmas Lights. I'm just wondering if this is a secret coded release of information for us very intrigued fans?? I hope so! :)



The Oracle replies:

A couple of people have written in asking why Chris mentioned a February release date in radio interviews on the night Christmas Lights was released.
Just to clear this up he was referring to the fact that Christmas Lights isn't a song that you can release at any other time of year, such as February. A few fans got excited thinking he was talking about the album; he wasn't.
I guess this would be a good time to answer another question I was asked:

"Is Christmas Lights inherently a love song with Christmas context or a Christmas song with love context?" I'd say it's the former and as it wasn't written for the next album it made sense to release it at the start of the festive season - although some shops seem to think that is in October...