October 27, 2010 - submitted by Kevin, United States of America

Q. Dear Oracle,
I was wondering if you could help me understand a few things about Coldplay. I've looked through the timeline several times and it seems like Coldplay went from being an almost unknown band to playing at Glastonbury in a very short amount of time. Almost like instant success. Am I reading the timeline incorrectly or did it all happen that quickly?

Thanks Oracle, You are the Best

The Oracle replies:

Yes, it actually did all happen that quickly. It's quite unusual for a band to reach their level of success at such high speed. Oh dear, that was terrible wasn't it?
They were relatively unknown to the music industry & media until September 1998. By Christmas the same year there was a significant industry buzz building. As early as January 1999 the media had picked up on the band and the wheels were in motion for a whirlwind 6 months of high profile live shows, Fierce Panda single release, major label record deal and major publishing deal culminating in their first Glastonbury appearance June 1999.