August 20, 2010 - submitted by Luis, Mexico

Q. Olaa gran y poderoso Oraculo!
Well maybe this is a stupid question but I can't remember when and where was the first show of the Viva la Vida tour so can you tell me?
Thanks and sorry for my bad English.
Atentamente Luis

The Oracle replies:

It's not a stupid question at all; it was a long time ago! Even though I know when and where it was, I still feel the need to account for the live shows preceding the tour.
On June 13 2008 the band performed for friends & family at Wembley. This was followed by free/TV shows on 16th in Brixton, 17th Barcelona, 18th BBC Television Centre, 19th Paris and 23rd & 27th New York.
The first live date of the tour proper was July 14th at The Forum, Los Angeles.